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Nutrition & Hydration

What is Nutrition?


noun  nu·tri·tion \nu̇-ˈtri- shən\

The process of eating the right kind of food so you can grow properly and be healthy.


The Process of

Eating well is a part of daily life, not a fad diet, and it is a continuous, cumulative effort.


Anything that you choose to consume, mindfully or distracted.

The Right Kind of Food

This is no secret. Eat whole, real food people. Does it grow on a farm? Come from the land? Water? Need water and proper ‘nutrition’ to grow?

So You Can Grow Properly

You’ve heard it before: you are what you eat. Literally. Every single cell in your body is composed of the food you eat…every single cell in your body has a lipid (fat) membrane. So what are your cells made of? Genetically modified and Round-Up Ready Crisco that oxidizes and releases free radicals? Or naturally occurring monounsaturated fats from a sun-ripened avocado? Feed your body good food so it can grow properly.

And Be Healthy

Healthy: free from disease or pain:  enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, and spirit. Merrium-Webster. Notice this definition says nothing about ‘looking’ a certain way!