Congratulations on taking action towards a better life. We're pleased to offer you a full week of classes at our studio, completely free.

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1. Create an account

  • Click on "Start Here" and follow the prompts to create your account and sign a waiver.

2. Start your free week of classes

  • Your free week will be initiated at your first arrival, so simply arrive 20-30
    minutes early to the first class you’d like to attend – we’ll take care of the rest!
  • Enjoy as many classes as you want in 7 consecutive days. No strings attached.

3. What to bring

  • Yoga mat, water bottle, small towel for sweat.
  • We also have mats and towels available for rent and water for sale.

4. Arriving

  • Parking is free: 6 spots along the Saint Marie Street side of the studio, all spots behind the dental office, all upper-level parking lot at Mt. Royal.
  • Cubbies are available for all your gear.
  • Building doors are unlocked 30 minutes before and after class.
  • Door are locked promptly at class time – so there will be no late arrival. We believe this
    is best practice for the best possible experience for our clients!

5. Basic class etiquette

  • Please remove shoes when you arrive. This helps keep the studio clean and the floor
    free from debris.
  • Inside the studio is a quieter space for people to de-stress. Please feel free to talk with
    friends, but also be respectful of others and their air space – this may depend on which
    kind of class you are attending. The sitting area by the fireplace is a great place to hang
    out and chat with friends.
  • Please leave cell phones in your cubby.
  • Try to refrain from wearing perfume/cologne. Yoga involves a lot of breath work
    and we always strive to make this as accessible for everyone as possible.
  • If you must leave class early, please do so quietly.
  • Feel free to use blocks/straps for any of your classes; they are there for you.
  • If you used props/weights during class, please put them away in an orderly fashion.
  • Mat cleaner/towel is provided for your use in the back of the studio.
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