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Nutrition & Hydration

A Word About Water

There is one simple step you can take towards better health…and a better yoga practice…and it’s to hydrate. Just imagine yourself walking out of your hot, humid yoga class with your clothes and hair dripping in sweat… a great feeling no doubt, but it comes with responsibility.

During 60 minutes of intense crescent lunging and revolved chair posing, you could lose anywhere from 25-47 fluid ounces of water! (One gallon = 128 oz.) Seeing those numbers can really help put it into perspective. It’s important to hydrate your body well every day, and to step it up when you plan on attending heated yoga.

Proper hydration allows your body to cool itself down through sweating, it helps muscles contract and lengthen, protects joints, and helps flush out metabolic waste, just to name a few.

How many of you seriously just got thirsty?!

A few easy tips to get properly hydrated for Hot Yoga:

1. Prepare. You will already be well hydrated on a daily basis, of course, so prepare for class 2 hours in advance with trying to drink about 20 fluid ounces. This will give your body time to absorb what it needs and excrete what it doesn’t.
2. Maintain. During class, it’s perfectly fine to take small water breaks! Some teachers cue it, others do not – make sure you maintain hydration by sipping a few ounces every 15 minutes.
3. Recover. After class, you will be thirsty (thirsty = dehydration). Drink up until you are no longer thirsty, and then drink a little bit more. Continue to hydrate well throughout the rest of your day.