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6 Reasons to Use HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT, is rapidly gaining popularity for its simple concept, yet mind-blowing results. As the name says it, HIIT involves any workout that will contain an alternation of a high-intensity burst of activity and very low intensity or even no workout at all. Your HIIT routine can be as simple as running full speed for 2 minutes and then walk slowly for three more minutes and then repeat this 5 minutes drill again. Sounds simple, isn’t it? Yet, it is very useful in shedding tons of fats in lesser time than traditional workout session.

Here are some of the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training:

Helps you burn fat

The short and intense workouts involved in HIIT hyper-drives your body’s ability to burn fat at an exceedingly rapid rate.

Builds a healthier heart

Flexibility is important if you want your body to be fit and strong. It is found that HIIT effectively works in this aspect and is more fruitful compared to normal aerobic exercise. The intense workout followed by an interval whenever you are out of your breath makes your heart pump faster, and that’s a good workout for your veins.

No equipment necessary

The baseline of HIIT is to get fit and flexible and not to make your biceps or chest grow in size. Hence, equipment is not at all necessary if HIIT is your workout routine. Jumping lunges, jump roping, running, biking; all these come under HIIT and where is the use of equipment in all these drills? HIIT drills make use of your body weight to get your heart rate pumping up and grow your core strength rather than concentrating on a particular muscle which is the case of using the equipment.

Helps increase your metabolism

A HIIT workout induces more oxygen intake than a traditional non-interval exercise routine. More oxygen for the body only means better functioning of your heart and body. And increased metabolism, in turn, induces burning off more calories quickly.

It can be done anywhere

HIIT is a simple concept, and you can do it anywhere. The baseline is: choose your workout (e.g. running and jumping jacks in between) and give maximum effort in that till you lose your breath. Take a short break to recover and then repeat.

Helps you lose fat, not muscle

Most people who intend to lose weight generally end up losing muscles along with their fats when they follow a traditional non-interval workout routine. HIIT is undoubtedly the best option for dieters who are on the lookout to lose only fat when they are shedding pounds.